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How it works

MyExpatTaxes has created an easy way to help you renew your U.S. Passport online!
Just sign in, follow our handy guide & send us your application. We'll handle the rest!

Check to see if you qualify for our quick mailing service!


Check to see if you qualify for our quick mailing service!
Start for free. Pay only when you are convinced.

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your application

Once you filled everything out, you'll get the address of our office.

You'll get your renewed passport within 7 business days

Get your Renewed
Passport by Mail

We'll submit your application within a few business days and you'll get your new passport directly from the U.S. consulate!

Data Privacy and Security

Ensuring your data is secure is our top priority. We’re compliant with the strict European Union General Data Protection Regulation. >> Privacy Policy


We consulted with the U.S. Embassy's to make your mail-in U.S. passport renewal easier than ever!

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rated 5 out of 5 stars by our customers

Kamari (Salzburg, Austria)

Eirene (Germany)

I would just like to say thanks for making the process of renewing my passport so easy and quick. I received my renewed passport today. Living overseas, tasks like renewing a passport is sometimes difficult especially if you do not live in a huge metropolitan city. I am very happy and grateful that you guys are able to provide such an excellent service and would be happy to refer you guys to others.

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