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Frequently asked U.S. passport questions

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We don't. Your U.S. passport will be issued by the U.S. State department and sent to you from the U.S. Embassy.

Great question! MyExpatPassport acts as a go-between yourself and the U.S. Embassy.

You answer a few questions on the web to determine if we can help you or not - in some cases, you will be required to show up in person at the U.S. Embassy to apply for your U.S. passport. In those cases, there's obviously no fee to us paid.

If we can help you, you fill out the passport application, get the photo done and send everything, including your old passport, to us. We check for completeness and any other issues that may exist and will let you know what needs to be done to resolve those issues.

Once everything is in order, we prepare your application for the embassy, including the envelope with the return address, the right postage and so on. Then we take your documents to the U.S. Embassy, pay the applicable fees and inform you accordingly.

It depends a little a little on the specific situation. U.S. holidays and other events may cause some delays. But, broadly speaking: Once your documents arrive at our place, we check if they're complete. We typically deliver the passports coming in once a week to the embassy. Then it will take between two and four weeks for your passport book to be sent directly to you from the embassy. Producing the passport card takes a bit longer, so it will take at least 4 weeks to be sent to you.

Excellent question!

We save you a trip to the U.S. embassy (which can be a day-trip, depending on where you live), we make sure that your documents are in order before passing them on to the U.S. embassy, and you can pay us through a multitude of online payment options and not with a paper check. 🙂

MyExpatTaxes is a solution for US expats to file their US taxes online. The app guides you through the tax return process smoothly and efficiently. You sign in, answer a limited amount of questions that are relevant for your return, confirm the results and calculations and submit!

Yes, your tax return can be really that easy!

Taxes ✓ (without a major dent in your wallet)

Yes, but you'll need to send us a statement why you need the second passport and need to send the expired one with your application.

Unfortunately, this will require you to go personally to the closest embassy.

Yes, if they're over 16 and had a passport for at least 10 years. If they had a 5-year-validity passport or if they're under the age of 16, then a personal appearance at the nearest US embassy is required. (In the case of under 16 year olds, both children and parents would need to come to the embassy.)


The total fee is €159.

Of that, €117 is the fee for your passport at the embassy. Then there's the postage and envelope for your new U.S. passport to be sent to you. The rest is our handling fee.

Small caveat: If you order a U.S. passport card as well, it will be an extra €27, which will completely cover the fee at the embassy.

Mailing a passport application to the U.S. embassy is not possible because you have to pay your fees at the U.S. embassy's desk.

If you go to the nearest embassy and submit your application in person, then you can either pay by credit card or in cash.


We're situated in Vienna (4th district) and in Berlin.

Of course you can!

We're listed on the U.S. embassy's site as a mail courier partner:



Right now, we're only offering our passport services to U.S. citizens in Austria and Germany, and we're working with the embassies in Vienna and Berlin.

We do offer our U.S. tax support software, MyExpatTaxes, globally, though! 🙂

Sure! Send us an email to!

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