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Terms & Conditions

1. Preamble

Welcome to MyExpatPassport, where we make it easier for you to renew your US passport! MyExpatPassport is a service from the Software Spinner GmbH.

The Software Spinner GmbH located at Argentinierstrasse 53/I, 1040 Vienna, Austria ("us", "we", or "our") operates (“Site”).

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the use of the services offered on the Site. If the user does not accept the Terms, the use of Site services is prohibited. The Terms have been created in English originally, although we do offer a German translation on request (please reach out to if you wish to receive a German translation).

2. Offered Services

MyExpatPassport is an online and courier service helping American expatriates renew their US passports. Registering an account is necessary for making full use of the service. Once the account has been registered and the fee has been paid, a transaction ID will be assigned to each application, enabling the customer to track the status of their request via email. As soon as all required documents and items (as listed in the application process) have arrived at our office, we will check for completeness and compliance with US embassy requirements. If everything is in order, your documents will be transported to the US consulate in Vienna and your passport renewal applications will be submitted to them. After the passport has been printed, it will be returned to the address you submitted during the online application.

3. Contractual Obligations

MyExpatPassport will submit your application for a new passport on your behalf to the US consulate in Vienna. The fee for us covers the passport fees, the postage to return the new passport to you as well as a handling fee to cover our efforts.

Users enter into a binding contract as soon as they have completed the purchase on the site.

We submit passport applications twice a week to the US consulate; your renewed passport should arrive within work days at the address you submitted during your application. Between the time your documents arrive and the time they are transfered to the US consulate, they are kept in locked storage.

4. Account registration and deletion

Users need to register an account to use MyExpatPassport. The use of MyExpatPassport is permitted for individuals over the age of 18 years and who are able to enter a legally binding contract. The specified profile data must be correct, complete, and must continuously be kept up-to-date. Multiple registrations are not permitted.

By registering, the user agrees to receiving the recurring MyExpatPassport (and affiliated products) newsletter and therefore receives information at regular intervals from MyExpatPassport and other services offered by Software Spinner. The user may unsubscribe from the newsletter, by simply disabling the subscriptio by directly clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

5. Withdrawal

The cancellation policy applies to consumers (as defined by law) who purchased services at the Site, which are subject to charge.

The consumer may withdraw from the contractual agreement between the time they purchased the service but before the passport application has been delivered to the US consulate. This withdrawal must be sent in writing (e.g. E-Mail, Letter); giving a reason is optional. The cancellation must be sent from the same email address that was used to file the application and/or state contain the tracking ID sent to you after the application was completed. Cancellations must be sent to:

Software Spinner Gmbh
Argentinierstrasse 53/I
1040 Wien


Obligations for the refund of payments will be fulfilled within 30 days. Any documents that are either in transit to us or have already arrived with us will be returned to the senders address, at cost to the sender.

6. Liability

We cannot be held liable for the correctness of the information the users provide on their application

We are not liable for any damage caused by errors, delays, or interruptions in the transmission of data either between the user and the Site or the Site and other entities, malfunctions of the technical systems, loss or deletion of data, viruses, or any other damage which might occur during the use of MyExpatPassport, unless they are caused intentionally or by gross negligence by us.

We are not liable for your passport or other documents getting lost in transit from or to you.

Moreover, we are not liable for the content, accuracy, legality, and functionality of third party internet pages, which reference from or to the Site via a link. MyExpatPassport requires an active internet connection. We neither assume responsibility that our services are continuously usable and/or accessible nor are we liable for technical transmission delays or failures. We are not liable for the unauthorized knowledge or attainment of personal user data by third parties such as hackers.

7. Data protection

The protection of the personal data provided is very important to us. Privacy rules, as specified in the Privacy Policy, apply.

8. Trademark rights

MyExpatPassport and other trademarks owned by us may not be used without express written consent. Expressly excluded is the use of press photos provided by us on the Site for press and marketing purposes.

9. Violations of the Terms

In case of violations of one or more of the provisions outline above, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently and notwithstanding further legal steps against the affected user, to block or delete their accounts.

If a user has been blocked, they may reach out to info@myexpatpassport to ask for clarifications regarding the restrictions.

If a user is permanently blocked from MyExpatPassport, they will forfeit any purchased services or subscriptions without compensation. In case of a temporary block, the use of purchased services or subscriptions will not be extended by the time the user was blocked. There will also be no compensation.

10. Amendments of the Terms

We reserve the right to amend the Terms at any time without prior notice. Once they are amended we will publish them on the Site, with an overview of the changes that were made. Every time a user renews the services of MyExpatPassport, they shall have to agree to the Terms prior to checkout.

If the user does not agree with the new terms, they may cancel their current checkout process and, if they wish so, may delete their data from the Site.

11. Final Provisions

The Terms are subject to Austrian law, excluding the UN Convention of International Sale of Goods and the reference norms (IPRG, EVÜ, etc.). The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the relevant court in Vienna, Austria.

With a view to reaching an out-of-court settlement between us and the User, the User may contact the online platform provided by the EU. The so-called ADR-platform is available here:

If individual stipulations of the Terms should be or become ineffective, invalid or unworkable, this shall not touch the legal effectiveness of the other stipulations of the Terms. In place of the ineffective, invalid or unworkable stipulation, a valid and workable regulation shall apply which approximates as closely as possible to that the contract partners would have economically intended if the contract partners would have pursued with the ineffective, invalid or unworkable stipulation. The above stipulations apply accordingly in the event that the contract is shown to be incomplete.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Terms and conditions version: May 8th, 2019
Software Spinner GmbH
Argentinierstrasse 53/I, 1040 Vienna, Austria

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